Molly, Willow, & Bubba

This amazing family of fur was so much fun to hang with. They all had their own quirks and personality traits; it was so much fun getting to know them!


This is Molly… She meets you in the house with a nice big hug!  She was so soft and fluffy. Haha but she totally got sick of me and the camera.


Willow was so laid back and easy going. However she was slightly camera shy

Anytime I pointed the camera in her direction, she would turn her head away! LOL

Never the less… I got some super cute picks of her




We managed to get them to sit just long enough to snap a few group shots.  (Yes this totally involved bribery) But hey… can’t complain, it’s pretty cute.


The way back from the doggy park, catching a little fresh air!


Can’t forget the kitties too, Vincent and Claudette.

They came out to play for a little while, Claudette was a total camera model… while Vincent’s main concern was getting back into the house!




Not too bad for camera shy J


Doesn’t she just look so soft!!


Bubba… The man of the house.  Bubba could have cared less what we were doing. He was all about his crazy chicken toy.