Something Fun…

One of my Images got selected to be a cover image at as part of their fall rotation.

Here it is in all its glory!


This cute shot was taken during a Trash the Dress Shoot.

 It was a blast, she was totally up for anything. And side note… be careful on cliffs, I almost went swimming myself!

What is Trash the Dress?


Essentially it’s a chance to put your dress on again and have a little fun! No we don’t have to “Trash” it by any means. It just might get a little wet!

So while most people will think this is CRAZY,

Here is my theory: You still get to keep the dress, it just looks a little more lived in, like its got a story to tell. But you also have some fabulous artistic pictures that you can display! It’s not like you can hang the dress on the wall. And while I’m sure you could get a custom frame for it…. It would take a LOT of room and look kinda funny hanging on the wall.


Day after Session!


So if you feel that the “Trash the Dress” is a tad bit much for you. Then opt for a day after session.  It’s pretty much the same idea, only we won’t get it wet and dirty. Just have some fun with it and get some unique shots. Groom is more than welcome to come along and be in pictures with you.


Why? Why not! You paid for it, why not have some fun with it!



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